Thursday, 10 November 2011

Beating the Pox

Sounds very 18th Century... Child has chicken pox and I've taken to the crotchet hook (it was either that or Sloe Gin, but pick your battles...) After a request from a kind friend, I've rustled up wrist-warmer-glove-type things which without the garish flowers do look a little like a woollen suit of armor, but whatever, they do the job. Pretty easy really:
-Chain as many stitches as it takes to go around your wrist plus a little bit;
-First row treble stitch across;
- Subsequent rows, double crotchet up to Peter-Pointer Knuckle, then decrease each row twice either side of the middle by two until you are paralell with all your knuckles;
- Treble crotchet across the top (looks pretty) then stitch up the sides remembering to leave a hole for your thumb;
- Fasten off then add one row of double crotchet around the thumb-hole (looks kinda tidy);
- Add garish adornments and weild a broad-sword with pride.

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