Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hundreds and Thousands

A little hurrah for a smidge over 1,000 views of my web-witter! Admittedly, I think most of these are my mum, but none the less, it's a little achievement that makes me a tad chuffed...

So, a little quick craft -I have two lovely mismatched wooden knitting needles -they are the same size post, but wonky ended and for that I like them very much. To cheer up the ends, I put on a quick coat of wood varnish (PVA craft glue would also work, as would clear nail polish), then dipped them into a little bowl of decanted sugar hundreds and thousands...(don't bung them in the original tub, or your next batch of cupcakes may taste a tad...varnishy). When that's dry, dip them again in the varnish and build up enough layers to ensure a sturdy seal that will with stand some heroic knitting.