Friday, 26 October 2012

Sewing Essentials...

I have several projects on the go at once, mainly because my concentration varies at different times of the day and I can't do anything complicated when Sam is about or I'm knackered...So I'm forever shifting my basic kit between rooms and baskets of 'stuff'. What I needed was a small pouch I can keep the essentials in (scissors, measuring tape and needlebook) that can keep everything together. This is also handy for putting in my handbag for emergencies (and IKEA/junk shop measuring moments).

I basically made two crochet squares, one side circular (follow the circle guide on the placemat post) and the other striped, out of chunky yarn. I used double crochet as it's dense and the scissors won't poke out the sides. I also picked dark colours so it won't get grubby quick. Then, wrong-sides together I crocheted around three sides, turned the right way in, added a small button loop (about 15 ch, single crocheted up and down twice) and a button (which I think came of a 1970's cardi my Dad used to have...)

Other ideas: Add a long cord, make up in bright colours and this would make a cute purse for a little girl's Christmas present...Make the circle all orange, embroider a pumpkin face and add a cord, and you have a Trick or Treat bag...Use as a gift bag for another knitted item, maybe some snuggly Merino bed socks....

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