Friday, 25 January 2013

A cushy little number

Morning! Yesterday was another crafty Thursday at Hannah's -she powered through blind making like there was no tomorrow, and I didn't even touch the machine (it's a power/control thing I'm working on...)

Anyhow, finished this cushion that I've been working on in crochet -the basics are:

Half treble crochet a centre strip about 2/3's the circumference of your cushion pad, and work 6 rows.

Then work alternating colours around the centre strip to create the striped effect, remembering to work three stitched into each corner strip to manage the turn.

Keep going until you have reached the width of your cushion. If your fabric doesn't quite warp around the cushion, then add a couple of rows to one end.

To sew up, fold up like an envelope with some overlap at the end. Pin in place, and work the two sides together with three rows of double crochet along each side. For the flap across the middle work another three rows DC, leaving two buttonhole gaps evenly spaced. Finally add buttons. Done!

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