Monday, 7 January 2013

Be Mine Valentine...

Just when you thought you uld put away the fabric scraps after Christmas decoration making... Valentines Day gives us girlies the green light to propose...even though I'm married I might just ask hubbie again (he better say yes...).

But why buy a card that ends up being blown off the shelf (i'm sure there's another dodgy parallel there) when you could rustle up a heart from scraps, making something pretty out of the bits left behind (ok, I've gone really Mills and Boon now)?!

Read more for how to make!

How To:

Gather scraps of fabric, ribbons, threads and beads all in similar tones. Bit of wadding goes well too.

Cut out two hearts (front and back) using a cookie cutter as a template, or print off one from the web (or PowerPoint basic shapes!).

Decorate the front heart anyway you like, then stitch to the back, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Stuff and sew gap closed.

Add hanging ribbon...and loops through engagement ring...x

(Easy, like a Mills and Boon heroine)