Thursday, 10 January 2013

January Days...

They're not so bad...It's getting colder (finally) with the chance of snow that makes this whole winter thing a bit more worthwhile.

Some of this week sucked -grumpy baby, manic cleaning (trying to sell the house with two small children in it is a challenge) and trying to get some work done too. But then Thursday hit and suddenly there I realised the good stuff. A walk in the woods when the sun actually shined, a coffee and fab piece of cherry and almond cake with the little lady, and making Sam eat green beans by arranging his lunch into a pair of snails sat on 'grass'.

So yep, it's a grey January, we're all a tad broke, stuck for the best part indoors and my floor will always be covered in crumbs. But that's not all that matters. x

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