Friday, 17 January 2014

Shaking off the blues....

January is like walking through metaphorical custard...It's hard work. But then a slow run up to the start of the year is no bad thing. I was mooching about on Instagram yesterday and found a lady who had decided that her one and only New Year's Resolution was 'Less'. I get this.

Taking a bit of time to sit with it all and then decide what to do is good for you. When you get fidgety, bored and pissy it's probably time to get off your arse and do something. Works for me.

This week I've climbed out of the custard, read a bit, crocheted a bit and took some pics for my Etsy shop. I made rice pudding. The bathroom floor got cleaned and you know what, none of it was running a marathon, saving a whale or getting a Nobel Prize for physics, but stuff happened. And the rice pudding was ace. xx