Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hooking up on Le Tour de Essex!

We can't avoid it...It's looming and the best we can all do is batten down the hatches, grab some wool and wait for bicycles to zoom past and the roads to open again. Aside from those poor unfortunate souls that gets stuck in an almighty pot hole.

Here's the best of what a couple of crafty types have been up to in the UK leg:

This fabulous lady decided to seriously hook up her bike -possibly better than the spokey-dokies we used to get in cereal packets?

Cambridge University Engineers had to get involved when there were fears that the knitted bunting may weigh down local lamp posts. We are all mightily relieved to know that after they applied some scientific methods (getting a mini jumper soggy, weighing in and then applying some light maths), we should be fine....I was concerned for a while...

Either way, if you can't avoid the traffic you might be able to pack your hook, a ball of yarn and sit tight for the day!